Saturday, October 30, 2010

Catching up< DOMS ---- plus a fun workout to try

I've become a lazy blogger. I've been working out regularly, been running, been teaching my boot camp class AND I've been hitting Crossfit 3X a week. I ran in three 5ks on three October Saturday mornings. I've just been too fried to get it all down in writing.

The Vibram Five Fingers are wonderful. The love I have for them is nearly obscene. Pretty soon I'm going to write poetry about them, lol. I haven't had to go to the chiropractor since I've gotten them! My right hip used to get this nagging feeling of being slightly off-kilter, Dr. Stephens would adjust me, and then I'd go get it all out of whack again. Since the Vibrams Treksports, well, I'm just not a regular customer.

At Crossfit last Tuesday, we had to do 100 pull-ups and 3 OH presses for time, everything is for time. I cannot yet do pull-ups, much less 100. The coach hooked me up with one big elastic band and set up a step under me for my toe to graze & to help me push off to "kip" up. I did them in groups of 10 and I did indeedy deed to 100. When that was over, Rhianna & I decided to row 500m for speed. After this, with my rubbery arms, I had to go teach my Boot Camp Express class. Arms still rubbery, I put us through a pretty touch workout.

When I woke up on Wednesday morning OUCH EEK ACH OH YIKES. I have a really high threshold for pain & when I say that my arms were sore, that means they were flipping SORE. My forearm reaching up over the elbow to my biceps did not want to straighten out at all. My lats were hurting, too. Putting on deodorant was a bit of a challenge. By midafternoon, however, I was feeling okay. Headed off for another Crossfit workout. After a long warm up and some skill work, I had to do 15 kettlebell swings (30 lbs) and 10 pushups, 6 rounds for time. I did it in 3 min 52 seconds. By the time we worked out there for an hour, I was ready to go home. And that's when my arms stopped wanting to do anything. Every position hurt. When I woke up Thursday, my arms were all pulled up funky. I ached and ached. I can't take ibuprofen or aspirin, I'm allergic. Tylenol doesn't do squat, plus it lenghtens the healing time for DOMS. Sooooo, I suffered through the day and...had to teach a boot camp class at 6pm. Surprisingly, I not only survived but my arms felt way better. When I woke up Friday morning - MIRACLE - only a dull ache was left!

Here's a fun & tough workout to try. Should take about 1 hour.

Warm Up

Circuit #1
20 sec Power squats
20 sec Pushups
20 sec Press Jacks
20 sec alternating lunges
Repeat 3X

Circuit #2 Ab Challenge!
20 sec mountain climbers
20 sec double crunches
20 sec mountain climbers
20 sec super ultimate crunches
20 sec mountain climbers
20 sec bicycle crunches

Cardio interval – running man w/knees, super skater (2 - 3 min)

Circuit #3 –
10 box jumps (at least 12")
15 air squats
Repeat 5X

Cardio interval – Cherry picker in place, 4 jacks, 2 plyo jumps Repeat 5X

Circuit #4
8 each side Sgl leg bicep curls
8 each side Sgl leg W-presses
8 each 3-way bent rows ("suitcase," then palms fwd, then knuckles fwd)
8 sets Alt front & side raises

Cardio interval – mummy kicks, football run, high knees (2 - 3 min)

Crawl series - crabwalks, duckwalks, bear crawls, spiderman climbs

Circuit #5 mats
Thigh raises
Side plank
Triceps pushup
Low plank


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