Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yoga Sunday

P90X yoga for 1 hour 25 minutes. I skip the 7 minute ab segment because I do enough ab work during the week, I don't feel like tormenting myself right after those glorious hamstring stretches.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


10 minute elliptical warm up

deadlift with upright row (body bar) 12/24/4

single leg squat w/body bar 12/24 each side
wide grip lat pull down 15/80
stability ball crunch 25/10
Repeat for 3 sets

1 min 6.0 mph treadmill

delt fly 15/45
woodchopper 12/65 each side
side lunge with front raise 12/20
Repeat for 3 sets

1 min 7.3 mph treadmill

1 point dumbbell row 16/30
1 leg biceps curls 16/30 (15 each hand)
stability ball jackknife 16
Repeat for 3 sets

1 min 7.3 mph treadmill

T-pushups 10
low plank hold 30 sec
mountain climbers 16 sets
Repeat for 2 sets

30 minutes elliptical


Still working out, lazy about blogging

I am over a month behind in blogging workouts. Yikes! I can't hope to catch up. I've worked out regularly with just my usual one rest day per week, so I really don't feel like going through and posting 30 or 40 workouts.

February was full of upper & lower body splits, crazy interval cardio lunacy and not enough yoga. I wasn't stretching enough and have really regretted that.

March has been full body circuits, 3X a week with extra cardio. I ended up getting back to the yoga after having a problem with thoracic outlet syndrome. I thought it was carpal tunnel, but it improves greatly upon stretching out the pectorals and making sure that area is not compressed. I lost a few nights of sleep thanks to waking up with numb tingly fingers on my right arm. Nights of that led into days of achiness and misery. Getting back into yoga and stretching, stretching, stretching has greatly improved it. I'm sleeping soundly again with no problems! (Had to change my sleep position, too).

That was part of my non-blogging issue. Sitting at the keyboard typing was making my right wrist very uncomfortable. Wearing a wrist brace made it darned near impossible.

It's getting near 5K season, so I've been working on my speed. Had a few days where I could run outside - so much different than being trapped indoors on a treadmill!

Okay - time to blog today's workout...