Friday, June 26, 2009

6.26.09 workout & links

Got to the gym bright & early for a quick hour before VBS workout:

10 minutes elliptical

15 minute compound set:
lat pulldown (front & back) 15/55/3
seated row - stripping down, 15/90, 15/85, 15/80
shrugs 12/50 (I never do shrugs, but Doc said "Do shrugs.")

10 minute treadmill run

15 minute compound set
Ys, Ts, Is 15/10/3 each (Oh, I hate these, hate these, hate these...but they're good for me)
Dumbbell pullover 15/25/3
Single arm dumbbell row 12/20/3 each side

10 minute treadmill run

Some stretching...

Lately there have been some great blogs posted about what is bulky, what is the ideal female body, and even a reference back to a GREAT oldie by Josh Hillis.

Valerie Waters - Can Women Get Too Bulky?

Leigh Peele - Bulky Muscles and Female Training

Leigh Peele - The Ideal Female Body
(I love the last question with the pictures. It's funny that all the people who said Jessica Biel was "too bulky" in prior questions sure did want her body!)

Josh Hillis - How Thin is Too Thin - Many women workout because they want to be attractive for the opposite sex - and they become emaciated thinking the skinnier the better. Take it from a guy, skinny isn't appealing! This is a good one.

I haven't checked out Valerie Water's new bikini workout, but I will say that Red Carpet Ready is a good program and definitely not a bulking up program.

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