Monday, June 29, 2009

6.29.09 (and two days before!)

Saturday - Pool running, 25 minutes. Elliptical 45 minutes.
Sunday - 1 hour cardio - 30 minute treadmill run, 10 minute stairmaster, 20 minute elliptical

Today -
6 min walk to gym
10 min elliptical

squat 15/40
1-leg deadlift w/body bar 12/24 each side
sumo squat 15/40
Repeat for 3 sets

5 minute treadmill run

kettlebell swing squat 12 sets/15 lb
reaching squat w/body bar 12/24 each side
leg band side step with weight 12/15
Repeat for 3 sets

5 minute treadmill run

Hanging ab raise 15
medicine ball touch the sky 20/10
wide leg sit up 10
1 knee in crunch 20 each side
Repeat for 2 sets

20 minutes stationary bike
6 minutes walk home
Total time: 82 minutes

At the chiropractor:

seated row 15/70
standing row 15/70
front & back lat pull 15/60
Repeat for 3 sets

U-T-Is 15 each/7 lbs

Rowing machine 4 minutes over hand, 4 minutes underhand.
Total time: 20 minutes

Later: 25 minute walk (with a bit of running at the end) w/JNo ... It rained on us and the wind started blowing. An old antenna came flying down from the roof of a house far too closely behind us.

A bit more than I intended on doing in one day. Trying *not* to succumb to the temptation to over train.

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