Wednesday, July 1, 2009

6.30.09 - 7.1.09

Yesterday - a little 30 minute treadmill run. That's all I could eek out, miserable as I was with a sinusy summer cold.

Today - the rest did me good.
I'm still coming way down on the amount of weight I'm lifting.

10 minute elliptical warmup

lat pulldown back & front 15/60
seated row 15/80
upright cable row 15/75
Repeat for 3 sets

10 minute treadmill run

standing bicep curl w/body bar 20/24 (10 on each leg)
stability ball pushup 10
triceps dip (legs up) 15
Repeat for 3 sets

5 minute treadmill run

stability ball crunches w/plate 20/25
rope cable crunch 15/90
back extension 12 (hold last one)
Repeat for 3 sets

10 minutes stairmaster

10 minutes elliptical


Total workout time: 1 hr 25 minutes

My BodyBackBuddy arrived today. I love it! If you have trigger points and getting a massage once a week is not enough, you've GOT to get one of these. Ah!

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