Friday, July 3, 2009


Got an extra walk in on Wednesday - 55 minutes w/the dogs & Rhianna. Teaching Sasha to walk on a leash...ugh.

Yesterday (Thursday) was a day off. Supposed to get a trigger point injection. After almost 2 hours in the doctor's office, it turns out I didn't need one. I'd so enthusiastically used my new Body Back Buddy the night before, that I had broken up all the major trigger points. She couldn't find anything injection worthy.


10 minute elliptical warmup

Leg curl machine 15/75
Leg extension machine 15/75
Butt blaster 12/75 each leg
Repeat for 3 sets

10 minute treadmill run

Prone row 15/50
Step-ups 16" 16/20
Assisted pull ups 10
Stability ball hamstring curl 20
Repeat for 3 sets

10 minute treadmill HIIT

Stability ball roll out 20
Crunch 25
Reverse crunch w/wt 15/6
Repeat for 3 sets

10 minutes Stairmaster
10 minutes elliptical

Total workout time: 90 minutes
plus some stretching

Now it's off to the chiropractor for a back workout, a trigger point massage and an adjustment!

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