Tuesday, July 28, 2009

7.26.09 - 7.28.09

7.26 was a day off. I napped. I had issues with my right hand courtesy of the pews at church.

7.27 - An overkill day


Warm up - elliptical 10 minutes

Compound sets

lat pulldown front & back 15 sets/60
seated cable row 15/90
upright row 15/60
Repeat for 3 sets

5 minute treadmill run

U T I L 12/16 each
Ys 12/0
lawnmower 12/20 each side
pushups 12
Repeat for 3 sets

5 minute Stairmaster

hanging ab raise 15
weighted stability ball crunch 20/8
low plank hold 25 sec
boat pose hold 20 sec
repeat for 3 sets

Stretch a wee bit and hurry to get Erinn to tennis. Total time 1 hr 8 minutes

Arrive at tennis - racewalk with Cathy, 50 minutes. It was too hot and humid; I hadn't refueled. Left my water in the car. Started feeling like fainting, cold sweats, heart palp. Not fun.

Much later: Trip to gym with Pat. Treadmill run 34 minutes, stationary bike 7 minutes.

Yep, it was an overkill day for sure.

7.28 - Cardio

30 minutes elliptical mountains
30 minutes treadmill sprint intervals

5 minute stretch

I'm about to go get on some comfy yoga clothes and do some nice vinyassas.

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