Saturday, May 2, 2009

Catching Up, Sort of and a Brief Review of Yoga DVDs

The bad thing: I have been incredibly lazy about logging my workouts here.
The good thing: I haven't been missing any workouts. That's what counts!

It would be too crazy to try to report all the missing workout logs. I worked HARD. I've been frequently changing things up in order to get the best results. Currently, I'm on a more "lift like a guy" approach, taking a break from crazy circuits. I miss them - but I know my muscles need a change. I'm going to have to add in some more glute-focused work, I feel that was lacking...and I have such a fear of having a flat butt!

I've got some great bootcamp style workouts planned now that the weather is finally making being outdoors feasible.

Today's Workout: Run in graveyard for 1 hour, up and down hills. Lovely!
P90X Yoga - 1 hr 25 min - and I even had the house to myself while I did it. :) (A huge rarity).
And it gets better... I'm about to go on a nice hike.

In the past couple of months, I 've gotten three new yoga DVDs. I did this because I am addicted to Tony Horton's P90X Yoga but can't be always doing the same ol' same ol'. I can't afford the extra bucks for a regular yoga class - plus the local ones I tried were sadly lacking. So...

Kathy Smith Yoga Sculpt: Mostly boring. Too easy. A couple of harder moves. Boring set. I'll probably do it occasionally just because I don't want to waste my money.

Beth Shaw's YogaFit Ultra: Sure there are some more difficult positions thrown in here but - UGH. I want to gag the instructors! They need to just shut up already. The airy-fairy talk is over the top, annoying and well... the workout is nothing to write home about, even though it does have a couple of nice moves.

Mark Blanchard's Progressive Power Yoga: I saved the best for last. This one I can actually enjoy doing and look forward to doing. Oh, the instructor isn't as engaging as Tony Horton and he says some very silly things (but seems to mean them seriously). One reviewer said he had an "insincere" voice. That didn't even really bother me. The flow was great; the workout was challenging. The outdoor location (Sedona) was breathtaking. Instead of just one or two people (like the above two DVDs), this is a whole group who are of varying ability. Better yet - I felt great when I was done. Revived. Invigorated. Calm. I am definitely considering buying one or more of his other yoga DVDs.

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