Friday, July 30, 2010

Better late than never

Not going to be a very thorough catch up because once again life has been very busy...but I have been working out.

Today: 6am run - 55 minutes and it was beautiful. Watched the sun come up and mist rise off the fields. Chose to listen to birdsong instead of my iPod. Then it was to the gym for a circuit workout:

Lat pulldown 12/90
Dumbbell chest press 12/50
Dumbbell chest fly 12/50
Cable upright row 12/65
Repeat 3X

3 min treadmill run

Kettlebell swing squat 15/15
Sgl arm cable crossover 8/30 ea side
Seated cable row 12/135
Repeat 3X

3 min treadmill run

Decline chest press 12/80
Buttblaster 10/85 ea side
Repeat 3X

Ys, Ts, Is 12/10 ea
Captain's chair ab raises 12
Repeat 3X


Trying to recall backwards...
Thursday - 1 hr run/walk, 1 hr Body Boot Camp
Wednesday - 1 hr cardio - elliptical & stationary bike
Tuesday - 1 hr cardio - elliptical & stationary bike
Monday - 50 min run, Back/shoulders/arms 35 min, 50 min run w/boot camp class
Sunday - rest

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