Friday, July 2, 2010

Jun 29 - Jul 2

Tues, 6.29 - I made it to the cemetery for a run (50 min) and that was IT. I felt so crappy all day. In the bathroom a million times, foggy/icky feeling.

Wed, 6.30 - Same thing except when I got to the cemetery, I racewalked half the time. Still running to the bathroom too much, lots of post-nasal drip and general feeling of yuk.

Thurs, 7.1 - Okay, back on track. Racewalked in the cemetery. 65 minute Body Boot Camp. 40 minutes of Insanity Cardio Plyo Circuit. WOOT!

Fri, 7.2
- After training a client, I stayed at the gym for a 45 min workout. 20 min on the elliptical, 25 min working back and abs. My plan for later is to get a real run in and also do Insanity Cardio Recovery.

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