Friday, July 30, 2010

Better late than never

Not going to be a very thorough catch up because once again life has been very busy...but I have been working out.

Today: 6am run - 55 minutes and it was beautiful. Watched the sun come up and mist rise off the fields. Chose to listen to birdsong instead of my iPod. Then it was to the gym for a circuit workout:

Lat pulldown 12/90
Dumbbell chest press 12/50
Dumbbell chest fly 12/50
Cable upright row 12/65
Repeat 3X

3 min treadmill run

Kettlebell swing squat 15/15
Sgl arm cable crossover 8/30 ea side
Seated cable row 12/135
Repeat 3X

3 min treadmill run

Decline chest press 12/80
Buttblaster 10/85 ea side
Repeat 3X

Ys, Ts, Is 12/10 ea
Captain's chair ab raises 12
Repeat 3X


Trying to recall backwards...
Thursday - 1 hr run/walk, 1 hr Body Boot Camp
Wednesday - 1 hr cardio - elliptical & stationary bike
Tuesday - 1 hr cardio - elliptical & stationary bike
Monday - 50 min run, Back/shoulders/arms 35 min, 50 min run w/boot camp class
Sunday - rest

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Last three days of workouts:

Thurdsay - 60 min cardio at the gym (elliptical, run on treadmill); Body Boot Camp, 65 min; Insanity Pure Cardio 38 min (burned 350 calories - not bad considering the lengthy stretch periods)

Friday - It was HOT and muggy. Misery! 60 min cardio at the gym. Meant to do some yoga. Meant to do a lot of things. The day caught up with me, too much to do and not enough me to do it in. Ended up just trying to go to sleep.

Saturday - So far, boot camp class 65 min, 30 min on the elliptical. Maybe I will get that yoga in later today...we'll see.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And so it goes... plus review of Turbofire Advanced

Too much to catch up to. I haven't been missing workouts, probably added too many and got painfully sore from it. Boot camp class 3X a week. Running 4 - 5X a week. Insanity 4 - 5X a week.

I shout out a good review for Tony Horton's One on One "Fountain of Youth" yoga. It is awesome. If you don't have 90 minuts to do Yoga X, then 48 minutes to do this one will do the job. Mmmmmmmm, you feel so good afterward. It's work though, lovely break-a-sweat work.

I decided to try out Chalene Johnson's Turbofire, but I only bought the advanced DVDs. Here's what I thought:

FIRE 60 – This is Tae Bo – really – for the most part, it’s the exact moves from one of Billy’s advanced tapes. I’d have to go through my old VHS collection to figure out which one, but I recognized pretty much everything. The difference was it was faster and funkier. It also had four “fire drills.” The fire drills are high intensity intervals where you go all out for a minute. It was fun and I’ll definitely do it again and again. The only downside to this workout was the annoying music. (Wore my GoWearFit to do this the other day and burned 500 calories in 50 minutes...I wish I'd set the trip counter sooner, but that 500 calories was 50 minutes of work. I think if I'd known the moves better, I could bump that up another 100 calories).

HIIT 30 – This was *not* Tae Bo. It consisted of the warm up & cooldown, plus 11 “fire drills” which were a mix of aerobic/plyo/kickboxing moves (just the high/lo punching this time). In between the fire drills was wasted time to “recover” where the class members went around high-fiving each other. It seemed like the rest lasted way too long. You then either did the next fire drill or learned moves for a new one. I kept wishing I’d just done an Insanity workout instead. The recovery time could have been more productive. There was an option on this DVD to turn the annoying music up so loud that it drowned her out.
Stretch 10 – Complete and utter waste of time. Seriously, this was perhaps the most useless 12 minutes of stretching EVER. I cannot believe they called this one of the supposed “five” workouts. It sucked. I will probably never, ever do this again that is how ridiculous it was. If I do, it will only be to do it with my GoWearFit on to see how much those downtimes screw with the calorie burn.

Abs 10 – This was “okay.” Nothing to write home about. Slow. The end was more interesting than the beginning. I'd rather do Tony Horton's AbX or Insanity Cardio Abs any day of the week. Heck, I'd rather do my OWN ab routine than this.

I’m a bit annoyed that I spent $59.95 plus sh&h that brought it to over $70 for “five” workouts. All that is left for me to try is a 20 min upper body and a 20 min lower body. I would never count those 10 min short wastes of time as a “workout” and sell it as such. Basically I ended up paying all that money for only ONE workout worth my time.

I've not yet done the 20 min upper or 20 min lower body DVDs because the other stuff left me so totally unenthused. I can't imagine them being anything wonderful after my disappoinment and pfffftttt, calling 20 mins a "workout" as if you're getting "five" workouts, well, it's just pathetic. I will give them a looksie soon and write what I think about them.

So anyhow, the latest playlist from Body Boot Camp - and I'll be making a new one for Thursday with some new Adam Lambert and Josh Turner on it.

Round and Round - Selena Gomez
I Like It - Enrique Iglesias
Diary - Tino Coury
So Big - Iyaz
Dynamite - Taio Cruz
Shut Up & Kiss Me - Orianthi
Breakeven -The Script
Misery - Maroon 5
Sugar, We're Going Down - Fallout Boy
Little White Church - Little Big Town
Rain is a Good Thing - Luke Bryan
Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus
Gimme That Girl - Joe Nichols
Ridin' Solo - Jason Derulo
Find Your Love - Drake
My First Kiss - Ke$ha & 3OH!3
Our Kind of Love - Lady Antebellum
Billionaire - Travvie McCoy
I Need You - Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

Friday, July 2, 2010

Jun 29 - Jul 2

Tues, 6.29 - I made it to the cemetery for a run (50 min) and that was IT. I felt so crappy all day. In the bathroom a million times, foggy/icky feeling.

Wed, 6.30 - Same thing except when I got to the cemetery, I racewalked half the time. Still running to the bathroom too much, lots of post-nasal drip and general feeling of yuk.

Thurs, 7.1 - Okay, back on track. Racewalked in the cemetery. 65 minute Body Boot Camp. 40 minutes of Insanity Cardio Plyo Circuit. WOOT!

Fri, 7.2
- After training a client, I stayed at the gym for a 45 min workout. 20 min on the elliptical, 25 min working back and abs. My plan for later is to get a real run in and also do Insanity Cardio Recovery.