Saturday, September 12, 2009


25 minutes elliptical
Led 1 hr 7 min boot camp class
Hiked an hour w/hubby and the dogs

Need to add that when I came home from the gym - drenched with sweat... drenched, I say! ... there was NO water. A water main broke down the road and there was nothing, zippo, zilch. I had to drive Rhianna to work and I kept hoping the water would be back. Ended up stewing in my own sweat for a long, long, LONG time.

Today's boot camp:

Outdoors - Warm-Up
Walk – 1 min
Jog – 30 sec – 1 min
Repeat 3X
Prisoner squat 8 reps
Forward lunge 8 reps each leg
Jumping Jacks 8 reps
Repeat 2 – 3X

Ballistic stretching –
Up & back w/legs
Shrugs & circles

Drill #1
Chasse left 20 yds
Walking lunge back
Repeat right – Rest 1 min
Sprint up
Backwards run back
10 squat front kick punch
Repeat – Rest 1 min
Frankenstein Walk forward
Side lunge right back
Wall pushup 10
Repeat on other side – Rest 1 min


BW squats – 20 seconds plus 10 seconds hold in bottom – 5 rounds
Rest 1 – 2 min, water break
Touchdown forward lunge 20 seconds – 10 seconds wall pushups – 5 rounds

Drill #2

High knees up
Broad jump back
Skip up
Backwards run back
10 squat-kick-punch

Suicide runs - 2 sets


Circuit #1 (light weights)
One point dumbbell row
Single leg deadlift
Single leg in & out biceps curls
Repeat 3X

10 Jumping Jacks
10 Jump ropes
10 Skates
Repeat - Water

Circuit #2 (w/plates)

Reverse lunge w/plates
Pushup Pec Fly w/plates
Triceps dips
Touch the sky
Reverse crunch
Repeat 3X

Circuit #3
16 Hydrant/Donkey Kick
8 Fast push ups, 4 slow
Plank jacks
Low plank hold
Spider man climb
Bear crawl
Repeat 2X

COOLDOWN Stretches

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