Friday, September 11, 2009

Too far behind to catch up!

Nine days behind! Nine days of crazy workouts. Well, eight days and one day off.

I worked out, I worked out hard. I taught Body Boot Camp three times a week and plus did my own thing. I worked with Erinn on her running, too. Some days I did too much and I think I've learned enough that I'll make my schedule easier on myself this next week. On the days I teach my class, I will *not* go to the gym in the morning and do 90 minutes of circuits and cardio!

Today was back/abs and cardio. It was a good workout, but I'm not going to post it all. Instead I'll post one of my boot camp workouts this week. I'll post the one that hit our legs hard.


Walk up four flights of stairs, back down

Walk up stairs by twos, back down

Run up the stairs, jog down


Jumping Jacks

Prisoner squat 8 reps

Prisoner fwd lunge 8 reps ea leg

Jumping Jacks 8 reps

Repeat 2 – 3X

Ballistic stretching –


Up & back w/legs

Shrugs & circles

Drill #1

Chasse left 20 yds

Walking lunge back

Repeat right – Rest 1 min

Sprint up

Backwards run back

10 Y-Squats

Repeat – Rest 1 min

Frankenstein Walk forward

Side lunge right back

Wall pushup 10

Repeat on other side – Rest 1 min


BW squats – 20 seconds plus 10 seconds hold in bottom – 5 rounds

Rest 1 – 2 min, water break

Touchdown forward lunge 20 seconds – 10 seconds wall pushups – 5 rounds

Drill #2 (benches)

High knee step up 10 each side

Box jump 5


Up and over 16

Back lunge off step 8 each


Circuit #1

Plate reverse lunge 8 each

Plate pec pushup 8 each

Low plank hold

Repeat 3X

Circuit #2 (benches)

Split squat 8 reps ea leg

Elevated pushup 8

Boat pose – hold

Repeat 3X

Siff squat 8 reps

Decline pushup 8 reps

Triceps dips 8 reps

1-knee in crunch 8 ea side

Repeat 3X

Stretch back forward on bench

- Put away

Circuit #3

Inchworm 4 up 4 back

Crab walk 4 up 4 back

Side plank – hold each side 15

Repeat 3X


On back yoga twist

Hip stretch

Lying quad stretch


Child’s pose center, right, left

Seated hamstring stretch – right, left, center

Stand, hang, roll up. Arm sequence.

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