Saturday, May 8, 2010

Life has been spinning wildly...

No time to blog - again. I never missed a workout but never could find the time to write it down. Boot camp class 4X per week, lots of cardio - racewalks in the graveyard, time spent on the elliptical or stairmaster, runs around the neighborhood. I'd been slacking on my weight workouts apart from boot camp and I've been able to re-incorporate at least "back day" into my plans. I needed it! My hand was going numb at night again, but a couple of weeks of solid back work and the nerve is unpinched and I can even sleep on the right side w/o a problem.

My daughter and I started running the bleachers again. I was certain that I'd feel sore and miserable after not doing it since Nov or Dec. Instead I woke up the next day to...nothing. Did it again on Friday and...nothing. I must be working out all the right parts in my boot camp class. :)

Thursday's class was one of my Three Hundred plans. Today's was an Accumulator. Mostly bodyweight exercises and very intense. I'm very stressed out about my oldest's daughter's move (the good-byes were on Friday) so these workouts helped me relieve a bunch of stress.

Tomorrow I plan to run with Cheryl late in the afternoon.

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