Monday, June 21, 2010

10 days later, the craziness continues

Here I am - can't even catch up blog, it's been too many days in between.

o I'm running - alot - 4 - 5X a week.

o I'm teaching my boot camp class 3x a week (starting last week, I bumped it down to 3X because it is just too hot in there. I'll pick it back up to 4X a week in the fall. Right now there are so many outdoor opportunities for fitness, it's hard to be cooped up indoors - and hard to get everyone outside in the right place at the right time. People forget to sign up and then show up and discover no one is in the room...confusion ensues. You get the idea).

o I'm doing Insanity 5 - 6X a week. I meant to do it 6X a week for sure, but with running and boot camp, I seriously think overtraining is a distinct possiblity.

o I'm hitting up the gym for a good heavy back/shoulder day to compliment all the other stuff. I do enough strength training during boot camp BUT I have mid-back issues that I need to take care of a certain way, so my back day is medicine for me.

o Sometimes when I'm training a client, I end up working out along with them, too, if that's what they need.

As for today, I took a 45 minute early run this morning with my daughter. I meant to do Insanity when I came home from Vacation Bible School but instead I took a 2 hour nap. So, it's off to Body Boot Camp for an hour of my own personal brand on Insanity. I might get 40 minutes in with Shaun T. around 8:30-9pm tonight.

The plan for tomorrow is another early AM run. I have VBS, 3 clients tomorrow and so my Insanity workout probably won't happen until a good 8:30pm.

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