Friday, June 11, 2010

Nearly a Month -- and Insanity

I've been busy, busy, busy and so I let blogging workouts fall by the wayside once again. I've still be teaching Body Boot Camp 4X a week - and I've also begun training for my September 15K.

Basially, I ran or racewalked 5X a week, plus boot camp. I tried out another instructor's very basic Zumba class. No comment. Any how I've been very, very busy and haven't missed a workout except when I'm suppose to - on rest days.

Today I got up and trained a client at 5:45am and had little sleep (long story that ends with crazy, chirping birds that hang outside my window every morning at 4am). My allergies are kicking in, so my nose is stuffy and my throat is very scratchy. BUT I had decided to do Shaun T's Insanity Fit Test this morning. I told myself that if I felt so miserable that I couldn't finish it (or even get much past starting) that it was okay.

I did it! I was a dripping, sweaty mess, but I completed it. My results were darn good, too. They were either better than the two demonstrator's orignal numbers and getting close to their 60 day numbers OR the same as their 60 day numbers.

One minute of each of these:

Switch kick - 74 sets
Power jacks - 56
Power jumps - 25 (these started a bad coughing fit & I had to pause and rest longer)
Globe jumps - 10 complete rounds
Suicide jumps (aka burpees) - 23
Pushup jacks - 35
Low plank oblique - 56

Can't wait to see how I do in 2 weeks when I don't have PMS, have had a full night's sleep and am not sick.

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