Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Catch Up! 2.26 - 3.2.10

Life has been crazy...again. What else is new? Let's see if I can remember what is what. Before that though, I checked out the S.W.A.T. boot camp style workout DVD and it is soooo simple compared to my class. I was bored - it was very, very boring.

2.26.10 - Stressed out, fried - I think I took this day off.

2.27.10 - Body Boot Camp 1 hr 25 minutes. I seem to remember doing a little extra cardio in the evening. 45 min or an hour?

2.28.10 - An hour of cardio while watching the US & Canada play hockey.

3.1.10 - 1 hr cardio in the AM, 1 hr 20 min boot camp class in the PM.

3.2.10 - That's today! 1 hr cardio - elliptical and stationary bike. 1 hr 25 min boot camp class.

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