Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Down for the count

After I typed Saturday's entry, it was all downhill. By late afternoon I was curled up on the sofa feeling seriously miserable. It only got worse. Sunday I was useless, another day spent in bed or on the sofa. Monday morning I had to go get fasting blood work done - with chills & fever, no less. I wound up leaving my doctor's office (he wasn't in yet) and driving a few more miles northward and going to a CVS Minute Clinic. The diagnosis: both ears infected, sinuses infected and tonsilitis starting.

I had to cancel Monday's boot camp class and I spent the day indoors, mostly on the sofa.

I still feel lousy but I was able to go out and train a client this afternoon and tonight I have to lead a boot camp class. I've made a station-based plan so that all I have to do is give instructions, watch my timer, blow the whistle and such.

Being in the gym made me feel so much like working out, of course I think I'd collapse if I tried! I just hope to be better by Thursday so I can enjoy a good hard Thursday Three Hundred.

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