Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Catch Up 11.2.09 - 11.09.09

This past week was insanity itself. Besides homeschooling the girls, leading my three boot camp classes and general life... I had to pack up my father's chaos at the assisted living and move him to the memory care section where he could only bring 1/10th of his stuff. I can't emphasize enough that my father is a pack rat. I packed up 30 boxes of books ALONE. There were half a dozen large totes of CDs & DVDs, more boxes of the same, papers, papers, papers. Pat had a big project at work and couldn't help. I had to drive Rhianna to work every day and back. So 13 yo Erinn was my helper and we worked our butts off. The dust was a killer, it's got me all stuffed up.

We watched Layla so Jenna could get to the gym. I managed to meet a friend for a brief lunch, go out for another lunch - longer and further away, with my daughter's mother-in-law. On Friday morning, Layla came to stay and we had her until noon on Monday. We loaded the U-Haul and took stuff to storage on Saturday and she slept on her Auntie Erinn.

So I know I worked out - but what the heck I did, I'll never be able to blog exactly! I didn't workout at all on Friday or yesterday. I was so exhausted those days that I knew it was not in my best interests to push.

I'll be having company coming in for Thanksgiving, so a major cleaning spree is due for my own house. I've got some appointments to get to - the calendar is not clear, that's for sure. While I'm hoping for some R&R, I don't think it's happening this week or next.

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