Monday, August 3, 2009

8.1 - 8.3.09

August 1 -

Took a racewalk with Jenna in the cemetery. After that, I spent the day running up and down the stairs, moving boxes, cleaning and ripping out old carpet.

August 2 -

Fried from the day before, this was a rest day. Sort of. Helped move an organ. Moved things up and down stairs.

August 3 -

Had a doctor's appointment and couldn't get myself out of the house earlier enough to hit the gym, shower, etc, first. So I turned off the alarm and fell back asleep for an hour or so. Had enough time to shower and get to the doctor. (Great appointment. Typically stellar blood work. Thyroid doing it's typical summer surge. He always sees that and makes me come back in three months in case it is some sort of trend).

When I arrived, I was standing there paying when the medical assistant said "C'mon back with me." We walked into the room and were talking when she suddenly slapped the cuff on my arm WHILE still walking and standing up and then started to take my blood pressure. I said, "Wait, shouldn't I be sitting down?" No, no, no was her assurance - it was 120 over 74. Well, fine if that's my blood pressure standing/talking/walking BUT my seated blood pressure is generally 110/65 or thereabouts. The "Type A" me doesn't like that 120/74 going in my "permanent record" without a note of some sort. I know, I know...I can be really silly.

Anyhow, I got to the gym LATE but I did get in a great workout in spite of smashing my index finger with a 45 lb weight plate.

Warm up: Elliptical 10 min.

Wide grip lat pull down front & back 12/60
seated row 12/105
upright row 12/60
Repeat for 4 sets

2 min treadmill 6.0 mph run

lawnmowers 12/20 each side (too easy but I was too lazy to change weights)
prone row 12/50 (this is when I smashed my finger, so I never did add more weight because I was trying not to cry)
Back extension 12
Repeat for 3 sets

2 min treadmill 6.0 mph run

concentration curl 12/20 each side
1 leg body bar curl 16/24
hammer curl 10/20 each side
Repeat for 3 sets

2 min treadmill 6.0 mph run

hanging ab raise 15
bench jackknife 20
Repeat for 3 sets

15 min on elliptical


Total time: 1 hr 23 minutes

I'm planning on going for a little run with my daughter after I help my husband move furniture back around our bedroom.

I've got a great plan for the rest of the month and I'm thinking up what to do for September and October when I plan on doing some 5Ks again. I'm particularly excited about the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. We broke tradition and didn't do it last year and it snowed us out the year before. This year I think Rhianna will do it with me. Jenna is pregnant and she may very well be gone over Thanksgiving.

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