Thursday, August 6, 2009

8.5 - 8.6.09

8.5.09 - No workout. I was up until after 3am with my father in the emergency room. He fell and nearly sliced his big toe off - 11 stitches. The day that followed little to no sleep was hectic and stressful. Getting meds and bandages, driving the kids places, having a sleep over.

8.6.09 - chest/triceps/abs

10 min elliptical warm up

flat bench chest press 12/40
pec fly 12/40
dumbbell pullover 15/25
Repeat for 4 sets

2:30 treadmill run

pushups 15
triceps dips 15
triceps rope push down 15/60
Repeat for 4 sets

2:30 treadmill run

wide legged sit up 20
reverse crunch 15
Repeat for 3 sets

1 minute treadmill run

5 minute stretch (just felt like I needed it at that moment)

45 minutes 35 minutes elliptical

Total workout time: 1 hr 30 minutes

Right now I really want to go for a little run. It's only 72F outside right now - perfect weather for a nice run.

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