Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday, 9.24.08

Upper Body & Abs

Walk to the gym, 6 minutes. I'd run but with my gym bag I would probably look like I was doing something I shouldn't be.

Circuit #1 - Machines. I had to do the machines first to foil The Big Guy who comes and hogs the pec/delt deck for an hour. Why he needs to use it so very much, I do not know. So I put this part of the workout first he didn't dominate the machine for the first time in ages!
Anyhow - done in pairs of super sets

machine chest press 15/110, 12/115, 12/120
wide grip lat pull down 15/90, 12/95, 10/100

pec fly 15/55
delt fly 15/55
(3 sets, didn't pyramid)

machine biceps 15/50, 12/55, 10/60
machine triceps 15/120, 12/125, 8/130

HIIT - 15 minutes on the elliptical

Circuit 2 - cable station, all single arm, right then left
1 arm bent lat raise 10/30
cable kick back 10/30
cable row 10/30
overhead press 10/30
crossover 10/30
terry pull 10/30
Repeat on other arm, 3 total sets

HIIT - 15 minutes on the stationary bike

Circuit 3 -

double crunch machine 15/60
hanging ab raise 15
3 sets

Walk home, 6 minutes.

It's gorgeous outside and I'm planning on a 30 minute run this evening.

Tomorrow is lower body day, plus I have to meet a friend at the track and put her through a full body beginner boot camp style circuit.

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