Monday, September 29, 2008

Workout, 9.29.08

My first workout as Layla's Grammy. :) I'm still caught up in the awesome-ness of it all. There was no doing any sort of HIIT today, I'm too tired from all the excitement. However, I burned through each circuit with no rest between exercises or sets, trying to make the most out of it.

Walk to gym 6 min.

Circuit # 1
incline chest press 15/70
incline fly 12/70
squat 15/70
double crunch 25
Repeat for 3 sets
(Time: 10 minutes)

10 min. on elliptical

Circuit #2
plank row 10/15# each arm
triceps pressdown 12/90
deadlift 12/70
knee in crunch 40
Repeat for 3 sets
(Time: 13 minutes)

10 min. on elliptical

Circuit #3
shoulder press with rotation 12/40
lat pulldown 15/80
butt blaster 12 each/80
hanging ab raise 12 (I love, love, LOVE the stretch my shoulders get from hanging from that bar!)
Repeat for 3 sets
(Time: 12 minutes)

10 min. on elliptical

6 min. walk home

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