Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mid-week workouts

Tuesday - Nothing. Had very little sleep (but loved it, was with my precious grandbaby!)
Wednesday - Still exhausted, but on my second wind did 45 minutes of Red Carpet Ready Workout B

Today -

Walk to gym, 6 min.

Circuit #1
incline chest press 15/70
squat 15/70
seated cable row 15/125
stability ball crunch with medicine ball 25/10
Repeat for 3 sets
(Time: 20 min.)

10 min. HIIT elliptical

Circuit #2
incline dumbbell fly 15/70
plie squat 15/35
lawnmower 12/25 each arm
2 count crunch
Repeat for 3 sets
(Time: 13 min.)

10 min. HIIT elliptical

Circuit #3
scorpion pushups 16
deadlift, wide stance 12/70
bent lat raise 10/20
hanging ab raise 15
Repeat for 3 sets
(Time: 12 min.)

Walk home, 6 min.

Later I plan on getting short run in since I haven't been able to run all week. Tomorrow I plan on doing a boot camp style workout at the track.

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