Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday! 10.18.08

Started the day by taking the dogs for a walk - Erin, Rhianna, and Erin's friend, Kyle, came along. We walked for 40 minutes on all the hills in the graveyard. It was chillier than I thought it would be.

I expected today to be a lighter day - I have a lot of seasonal cleaning to do. But, Rhianna talked me into going to the gym. I just lifted yesterday but somehow I convinced myself that it was no big deal to do some weights today - I figured I would just hit machines and make it a relatively easy workout.

Walk to gym 6 min.

superset #1:
chest press machine 15/100, 12/105, 10/125
wide grip lat pulldown 15/95, 12/100, 9/105 ((9? It was that "just one more rep!" voice yelling in my head)

superset #2:
lying hamstring curl 15/45, 10/55, 6/65 (This is on the machine where the weights seem much, much heavier than what the plates read)
leg extension 15/65, 12/85, 10/90

10 min. elliptical HILLS

machine pec fly 15/55, 12/65, 8/75
delt fly 15/35, 12/45, 8/55

superset #4:
tricep machine 15/85, 12/95, 10/100
bicep machine 15/40, 12/45, 10/50

10 min. stationary bike

superset #5:
double crunch machine 20/65, 15/75, 10/85
hanging ab raise 15, 15, 15

Walk home 6 min.

Total time: 1 hr 13 min.

Rhianna came along - she is not used to me doing such a

Tomorrow I should be doing the P90X yoga and I may very well get up and going running before church. It all depends on how cozy & warm the bed feels at 6 AM. :)

I've got next week's workout plans all written out and ready to go. Good stuff is ahead!

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