Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Track Day, w/o the track 10,14.08

Drove up to the stadium and the construction guys were tearing up the road! A massive Komatsu or some such thing was blocking the way to ANYTHING - stadium or soccer field. I ended up having to turn around, then turn on the thinking cap.

We ended up going to a local park that is very empty during the day. Unfortunately, the trails have gone to pot because no one is maintaining them. There once were wonderful cross country trails with a paracourse. The parcourse is now falling apart, there are huge trees from the last several storms blocking trails, and everything is in disrepair...except the softball fields, that must be all the parks & rec department is concerned about.

Anyhow...the workout. Distances are "guessed" because there were no markers!

Walk out to far softball field

2 laps around the outfield (5 minutes)

sprint 50 yds
run backwards 50 yds

walking lunges 15 forward, 15 back
squat - hold for 45 sec.
pushups 20
knee in crunch 20 each side

lap around the outfield

Frankenstein walk up 50 yds
traveling jumping jack back

Burpees 5
High knees up 50 yds
Grapevine back

spiderman climb 10 sets
bench dips 20
plank hold 60 seconds

2 laps around outfield

Find trail to tires - run through tires 8 times
Brisk walk 1/2 mile trails back to car

Total time: 45 minutes

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