Monday, October 6, 2008

Workout, 10.6.08

Fasting blood work at 9:15am today, which meant I was not getting to the gym at my normal early time. Ended up having to go at 2pm when too many grunters are there. It's can feel odd to be the only woman. At least it's not like the old gym where so many guys are too busy parading around and grunting without really doing a lot of work. These guys mean business.

Today's workout:

6 min. walk to gym

front squat -press 15/40, 12/50, 8/60

step up, 12" step 15/40, 12/50, 8/60 each leg
dumbbell 1 point row 10/30, 9/40, 6/50 on each leg

static lunge rear foot elevated 8" 12/30, 8/40, 8/50 each leg
cable horizontal woodchopper 10/80, 8/85, 6/90 each side

hanging ab raise 12, 15, 15
pushups 12, 12, 12
reaching plank hold 15 sec each side 3X total

Total time for resistance: 30 minutes. Heart rate was elevated the whole time.

30 minutes HIIT on elliptical 30/90 intervals, increasing incline after 5 minutes, 15 minutes & 20 minutes.

Walk home 6 min.

12 min. Tony Horton's Yoga Flex.

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