Saturday, October 4, 2008

Workout, 10.4.08

I *loved* this circuit, one of the favorites I've made. I'm marking it in my workout log to do again sometime.

Walk to gym, 6 min.

Circuit #1
dumbbell single arm overhead squat, 15 lbs upper arm, 10 lbs lower arm, dominant arm last 20 reps, 10 then arm switch
dumbbell snatch 12/40
decline pushup 15
knee in crunch 40
Repeat for 3 sets
(Time: 14 min.)

10 min HIIT elliptical 2/1 intervals

Circuit #2
squat w/heels on plates 15/40
underhand grip pulldown
YTWL's 6/20 (these are brutal!!!)
medicine ball transfer abs
Repeat for 3 sets
(Time: 20 min.)

10 min. HIIT treadmill 1/1 intervals at 4% incline

Circuit #3
single leg squat off bench 10 each side
cable adduction 15/40 each leg
cable abduction 15/40 each leg
single arm cable crossover 10/35 each arm
bench jackknife 20
Repeat for 3 sets
(Time: 17 min.)

Walk home, 6 min.

Later: 36 min. hilly run in the brisk October evening air. Perfect!

Tomorrow's plan is running in yoga. I still might get a run in tonight. It's gloriously beautiful outside today.

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