Monday, October 27, 2008


Brrrr. Breezy and chilly this morning.

Walk to the gym, 6 minutes.

grouped in supersets or compound sets, alternated & repeated

1 arm dumbbell snatch 15/20, 12/25, 10/35 each arm

dumbbell single leg Romanian deadlift 12/40, 10/50, 8/70 each leg
standing cable row 15/85, 12/90/10/95

dumbbell single arm overhead squat 20/20u5d, 16/25u10d, 16/35u12d
dumbbell incline bench press 15/50, 12/65, 12/75

plank hold 45 sec, 45 sec, 45 sec
horizontal woodchop 15/35, 12/40, 10/50 each arm

24 prisoner squats
12 reverse lunges each leg
12 lunge jumps
12 jump squats
Repeat total of 2 sets

Total time: 39 minutes

25 minutes HIIT on elliptical, 90 sprint/90 recovery

6 minute walk home

Back to Saturday: I also got in an hour of skating. Sunday I was super busy and also exhausted, so I didn't even get to do yoga. Obviously, I'm behind on doing yoga. I've been stretching, but it's not the same as a good long, hard round of P90X.

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