Saturday, October 25, 2008


Still have the cold, so I didn't workout on Friday. There was no time any way. I woke up feeling like utter and complete crud, so it was smart to not try to squeeze it in.

Today, Wendy and I ran for 50 minutes in the graveyard. 49F was a bit chill, but it felt so nice to be outside.

This afternoon, Rhianna & I snuck a gym workout in. The plan today was multi-joint movements and lighter weights:

Walk to the gym 6 min.

squat with press 15/30, 12/40, 10/50

3 way pushups (decline, flat, incline) 10 each
plie squat w/tricep extension 15/15, 15/20, 15/25
stability ball crunch 25
Repeated for 3 total sets

split squat 15/30, 12/40, 10/50 each leg
bent arm lat raise 15/24, 10/30, 8/40
1-leg bicep curls 20/24, 15/30, 14/40 (1/2 reps on each leg, 1/2 the weight in each arm)
bench jackknife 20
Repeated for 3 total sets

deadlift to upright row 15/30, 12/40, 8/50
bench dips 15
dumbbell pullover 15/30, 15/40, 10/50
hanging ab raise 15
Repeated for a total of 3 sets

Total time: 39 minutes

Stretch - 10 minutes

Walk home 6 min.

We are also probably going ice skating tonight. Being this active today means I'll probably feel pretty lousy tomorrow.

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