Saturday, February 13, 2010

2.12 - 2.13.10

Friday - 45 minutes treadmill running, 30 minutes on the elliptical.

Today - 10 minutes treadmill, 1 hr 20 minutes Body Boot Camp, 10 minutes stationary bike.

Today's boot camp class - it was a rough n' tumble one!

Warm Up
Side step series, grapevine, skate, jacks, front kick-back kick, prisoner squats, side squats, rev lunges, arm/shoulder series, etc.

Circuit #1
Squat series
Jacks, burpees, mtn climbers
Pushup series
Jacks, burpees, mtn climbers
Wide legged situps
Jacks, burpees mtn climbers
Repeat 3X

Cardio interval - plie squat jumps w/heel kicks, duck unders

Circuit #2
3 pulse lunge to lunge w/hammer curl/upright row
Sumo squat w/lat raise
Knees to elbows to knees to both

Cardio interval - Squat thrust, 4 jacks

Circuit #3 (balls)
Lat pulldown w/band
Chest press slow fast slow alt
Triceps extension
Weighted crunch
Oblique band raise
Back extension
Hamstring curl
V-up w/ball

Cardio interval - Front kick, touchdown squat

Circuit #4 (slides)
Reverse lunge w/sgl weight front raise
Side lunge w/biceps curl
Triceps pushups
Sgl leg mtn climber to snow angel

Tabata: Mtn climber/low plank

Frog hop, crabwalk, duck walk, crab walk

Circuit #5 (mats)
Standing leg extensions
Standing side leg extensions
Standing side crunches
Side plank


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