Wednesday, October 14, 2009


AM - Elliptical 50 min

PM - Body Boot Camp 1 hr 8 min - and here's yesterday's workout:

Warm Up

March – jog in place – jumping jacks

Heel kicks – gravevine - skate - Repeat

Mountain – swan dive – forward fold

Monkey – forward fold – jump to plank – crocodile – up dog – plank – down dog Repeat 3X

Circuit 1

1 min. Prisoner Squats

1 min. pushups

1 min. crunches

30 sec jumping jacks

30 sec rest

30 sec jumping jacks

30 sec rest

Repeat 2X

Circuit 2 (weights)

Squat-curl-press 10

Lunge w/front raise 8 sets

Sumo squat w/lat raise 10 - 12

Wide leg sit up 8 ea side

Repeat 3X

Cardio Interval (steps)

Fast knees right 8

8 step ups

Fast knees left 8

8 step ups

Up n’ Over 8


Circuit 3

Split squat 8 each

Triceps Dips 12

Side plank w/T-twist 8 each

Bench jackknife

Repeat 2X

Cardio Interval

Football run 8 ea

Stradle jack up 4 – 8


Circuit 4 (partners)

Back to back Russian twist (pass med ball)

Back to back stand up

Back to back squat

Partner wide leg ball pass

Cardio Interval

Jump rope

Jumping jacks

Running man


Circuit 5

Birddog w/light weight

Hydrant series




Crab walk


Floor series w/bands:

Twist, lat pulldown, hamstring

Quad stretch


Standing pigeon

Upper back/arm series

With two out of four of us at home sick and me flip-flopping in between, I wondered how I'd be able to manage leading the class last night and if I'd just be barking orders or working out with the class. Happily, I was able to do what needed to be done and felt pretty darn good when I got home.

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