Monday, October 5, 2009

10.4.09 (and those days before)

This morning I could not find my log book anywhere. I searched for as long as I had time to search and then I just went to the gym anyway. It was kind of freeing to not log each set and to invent my workout as I went along.

Let's see if I can remember what I did:

10 min. elliptical warm up

lat pulldown, front & back 12/60 each
leg extension 12/60
butt blaster 12/60 each leg
Repeat 3X

3 min. treadmill run

one-legged deadlift w/body bar 12/24 each leg
cable ab curl 15/75
one-arm dumbbell row 12/25 each side
Repeat 3X

3 min. treadmill run

leg press 12/270
U-T-Is 12/10 each
weighted stability ball crunch 20/10
Repeat 3X

20 min. elliptical


The workout lasted 1 hr. 20 min.

10.3.09 - REST DAY - Much needed.

10.2.09 - Body Boot Camp Class - 1 hr 7 min. I put us all through a really good, hard full body workout with our heart rates staying elevated the entire time.

I'll be traveling at the end of the week - there is a fitness room at the motel. I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to give myself a nice 3 or 4 day break or not. I'm pretty sure that I'm due for an extended rest. It's important to do that every now and then. If I wind up doing anything, it'll just be some cardio in that fitness room and some body weight stuff in my room.

We'll be packing clean eatings for the trip. Our room has a kitchenette, hurray! I'll be packing my Magic Bullet and the fixings of my morning protein smoothies, lots of Greek yogurt and some gluten-free granola. I bought some wonderful apples which will definitely be coming along.

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