Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Morning: 46 minute run watching the sun rise. Beautiful! Temp was 54F and just perfect.

Later: legs/glutes/abs

10 min. elliptical warm up

Butt blaster 10/70 ea leg
Leg curl mach 15/80
Leg extension mach 15/75
Repeat 3X

Kettlebell squats 15/30
Kettlebell 1-legged deadlift 10/30 ea leg
Sumo squat 15/30
Repeat 3X

Step ups 12" step 10/30 ea leg
Wall squat - hold 1 minute w/ball
Wall squat w/o ball alternating 1 leg 10 sec ea, repeat 5X
Side squat w/band and weight 12/15
Repeat 3X

Medicine ball partner pass abs 15/10
Touch the sky 15/10
Russian twist 15/15
Hanging ab raise 15
Repeat 2X

5 min elliptical cool down

Total time: 1 hour

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