Saturday, October 31, 2009

10.29 - 10.31.09

Thurs, 10.29.09 -- Boot camp class for 1 hr 5 min and a 45 min run with Rhianna.

Fri, 10.30.09 -- Too much going on, overslept, had to run from pillar to post all day. Turned into a rest day. I think my body appreciated the extra rest. I still have a cough from the last virus that came around and still had some of the lingering tiredness.

Sat, 10.31.09 -- 1 hr 5 min body boot camp followed by a 2 mile run with some of the girls from my class. We're all planning on running the Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot together.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Morning - Cardio 40 min, back/arms circuit 35 min.

Evening - Body Boot Camp, 1 hr 5 min. 'Twas a great class! :)

10.25 - 10.26.09

Sunday was a rest day - but it was anything but restful. Not enough sleep after the Darryl Worley concert - headed to church groggy and afterward had to run all over the place preparing for the AWANA party.

Monday was actually a sick day. I was so exhausted, slightly congested and felt like a zombie. Much of the day was spent sleeping.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Body Boot Camp class - 1 hr 5 min. Had a very small class today, everyone is dropping like flies from the flu that is going around. Several people in the circle have relations who have swine flu. Since the class was very small, we did it out in the gym and did a mix of machines, free weights, stability balls and cardio machine intervals.

Oh, did the elliptical for 12 min. waiting for class time.

It's not raining now and I'm so tempted to go out for a run... I don't think I can resist.

**Later: Got in a 45 min run. It was gray out but the leaves were gorgeous. Let the 70 lb "puppy" come along and drag me.

Friday, October 23, 2009

10.22 - 10.23.09

10.22.09 -- Body Boot Camp class 1 hour

10.22.09 -- chest/back/arms & cardio 1 hr 5 min

30 min elliptical

Front & back lat pull down 12/60 each
Underhand grip pull down 12/60
Chest press machine 15/80
Repeat 3X

Delt fly 15/40
Pec fly 15/40
Repeat 3X

Dumbbell chest press 15/50
Dumbbell fly 15/50
Seated cable row 15/105
Upright cable row 15/45
Repeat 3X

Then it was off to the chiropractor for a trigger point massage and adjustment. :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Morning: 46 minute run watching the sun rise. Beautiful! Temp was 54F and just perfect.

Later: legs/glutes/abs

10 min. elliptical warm up

Butt blaster 10/70 ea leg
Leg curl mach 15/80
Leg extension mach 15/75
Repeat 3X

Kettlebell squats 15/30
Kettlebell 1-legged deadlift 10/30 ea leg
Sumo squat 15/30
Repeat 3X

Step ups 12" step 10/30 ea leg
Wall squat - hold 1 minute w/ball
Wall squat w/o ball alternating 1 leg 10 sec ea, repeat 5X
Side squat w/band and weight 12/15
Repeat 3X

Medicine ball partner pass abs 15/10
Touch the sky 15/10
Russian twist 15/15
Hanging ab raise 15
Repeat 2X

5 min elliptical cool down

Total time: 1 hour

10.19 10.20.09

10.19.09 - 1 hr. 20 min back/abs/cardio. Involved 10 min elliptical warmup, circuits w/cardio interspersed and 25 min on the elliptical at the end.

10.20.09 -
1 hr cardio - 30 elliptical, 10 stairmaster, 20 stationary bike
1 hr body boot camp...

Warm-Up –

March, Jog, Jack, Cross Crawl, Grapevine, Skate w/arms, Repeat

Prisoner Squats


Arm circle series

Circuit #1

Squats w/weights low, shoulder, high 8

Pushups – Scorpion or wide, narrow, diamond 8

Rope climb abs 10

Repeat 2X

Tabata: Touchdown lunge 20

Pushup 10

Plate reverse lunge 8 ea

Plate ice cutter 8 ea

Plate pec fly 8

Plate plank w/arm extend 2


Cardio Interval

Plie jump

Jumping jacks

Funny foot ball run


Circuit #2

Deadlift to upright row 8

Side squat w/bicep curl 8

1 legged tricep extension 10

Bicycle crunch


Cardio interval (benches)

Fast knees

Up & down

Fast knees other side

Up and down

Up and over

Circuit #4

Step up w/leg lift

Triceps dip

1 arm elevated pushup

Bench jackknife


Tabata: Mountain climbers 20 sec, rest 10

Circuit #4

Hydrant series

Low plank

Side plank



Side bear crawl



Saturday, October 17, 2009

10.15 - 10.17.09

Thursday, 10.15 - 1 hr morning cardio - 40 elliptical, 10 stairmaster, 10 stationary bike.
1 hr 20 min Body Boot Camp class

Friday, 10.16 - 1 hr. 10 min total. 35 min chest/arm circuits, 35 min cardio

Saturday, 10.17 - 1 hr Body Boot Camp. Who knows? I might do something else later, like P90X yoga.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Another day of forgetting my log book, so here it goes from memory:

10 min elliptical warm up

leg press 320/15
leg extension 55/15
leg curl 65/15

leg press 270/15
leg extension 55/15
leg curl 65/15

leg press 230/5 slow
leg press 230/5 fast
leg press 230/5 slow
leg press 230/5 fast
leg press 230/5 slow (my legs felt like jello after this)
leg extension 55/15
leg curl 65/15

2 min treadmill 5.7 mph

single legged deadlift 10/25 each leg
stabilty ball hamstring curl 15
step ups, 16 inch, no weight 8 each leg
Repeat for total of 3 sets

2 min treadmill, 15% incline, 3.4 mph BACKWARDS

cable adduction 15/40 each leg
cable abduction 15/40 each leg
cable rear attitude 15/40 each leg
Repeat for 2 sets

10 min stairmaster
15 min stationary bike

Total workout time: 1 hr 20 min.


AM - Elliptical 50 min

PM - Body Boot Camp 1 hr 8 min - and here's yesterday's workout:

Warm Up

March – jog in place – jumping jacks

Heel kicks – gravevine - skate - Repeat

Mountain – swan dive – forward fold

Monkey – forward fold – jump to plank – crocodile – up dog – plank – down dog Repeat 3X

Circuit 1

1 min. Prisoner Squats

1 min. pushups

1 min. crunches

30 sec jumping jacks

30 sec rest

30 sec jumping jacks

30 sec rest

Repeat 2X

Circuit 2 (weights)

Squat-curl-press 10

Lunge w/front raise 8 sets

Sumo squat w/lat raise 10 - 12

Wide leg sit up 8 ea side

Repeat 3X

Cardio Interval (steps)

Fast knees right 8

8 step ups

Fast knees left 8

8 step ups

Up n’ Over 8


Circuit 3

Split squat 8 each

Triceps Dips 12

Side plank w/T-twist 8 each

Bench jackknife

Repeat 2X

Cardio Interval

Football run 8 ea

Stradle jack up 4 – 8


Circuit 4 (partners)

Back to back Russian twist (pass med ball)

Back to back stand up

Back to back squat

Partner wide leg ball pass

Cardio Interval

Jump rope

Jumping jacks

Running man


Circuit 5

Birddog w/light weight

Hydrant series




Crab walk


Floor series w/bands:

Twist, lat pulldown, hamstring

Quad stretch


Standing pigeon

Upper back/arm series

With two out of four of us at home sick and me flip-flopping in between, I wondered how I'd be able to manage leading the class last night and if I'd just be barking orders or working out with the class. Happily, I was able to do what needed to be done and felt pretty darn good when I got home.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Some days of rest, some not

What I remember:

10.05.09 - I'll have to see if I logged this. I know it wasn't a rest day. I'm pretty sure I worked out for at least 90 min, but what I did escapes me without looking at that log (which I'm too lazy to get up and hunt down right now).

10.6.09 - Taught a one hour boot camp class, also had 20 min on the elliptical. Got sick somewhere near the end but finished.

10.7.09 - Took a sick day.

10.8.09 - Drove to Chicago at 4am. Walked for a LONG time at the giant miles-long Gurnee Mills mall that night. At least 1 1/2 hours of that was brisk walking.

10.9.09 Worked out in the hotel gym: 45 minutes elliptical, 20 min. weights. Not to mention lots of long walking in high heels in the cold, wind & rain for Josiah's boot camp graduation. Logged at least 2 miles of brisk walking in heels. Add shivering from the cold to that...and two large flights of stairs.

10.10 - 10.11.09 REST. REST. REST. Driving. REST.

10.12.09 -
30 minutes elliptical
35 minutes back/abs circuit w/2 min sprints on treadmill between compound sets.
15 minutes elliptical
Total time: 1 hr 20 min.

It felt good to be working out after a few days of mostly being off. Being mostly off also felt very good. My body was grateful. Having a nice break every 2 or 3 months is essential.

I just got Parillo's Sports Nutrition manual in the mail while I was gone. I haven't gotten a chance to start digging into it yet. A course to earn some CEUs for the ISSA also came, I did crack that open and start working on it.

Tomorrow it's back to the grindstone. Body Boot Camp at 6pm - I'm looking forward to it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

10.4.09 (and those days before)

This morning I could not find my log book anywhere. I searched for as long as I had time to search and then I just went to the gym anyway. It was kind of freeing to not log each set and to invent my workout as I went along.

Let's see if I can remember what I did:

10 min. elliptical warm up

lat pulldown, front & back 12/60 each
leg extension 12/60
butt blaster 12/60 each leg
Repeat 3X

3 min. treadmill run

one-legged deadlift w/body bar 12/24 each leg
cable ab curl 15/75
one-arm dumbbell row 12/25 each side
Repeat 3X

3 min. treadmill run

leg press 12/270
U-T-Is 12/10 each
weighted stability ball crunch 20/10
Repeat 3X

20 min. elliptical


The workout lasted 1 hr. 20 min.

10.3.09 - REST DAY - Much needed.

10.2.09 - Body Boot Camp Class - 1 hr 7 min. I put us all through a really good, hard full body workout with our heart rates staying elevated the entire time.

I'll be traveling at the end of the week - there is a fitness room at the motel. I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to give myself a nice 3 or 4 day break or not. I'm pretty sure that I'm due for an extended rest. It's important to do that every now and then. If I wind up doing anything, it'll just be some cardio in that fitness room and some body weight stuff in my room.

We'll be packing clean eatings for the trip. Our room has a kitchenette, hurray! I'll be packing my Magic Bullet and the fixings of my morning protein smoothies, lots of Greek yogurt and some gluten-free granola. I bought some wonderful apples which will definitely be coming along.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yet another catch up

I have no clue when life will slow down and I'll be able to blog these workouts daily like I should. I've got to catch up on what - 11 days worth?

9.209.09 - Rest Day

9.21.09 - Back/Abs/Cardio - 1 hr 32 min

9.22.09- Boot Camp Class 1 hr 12 min.

9.23.09 - Chest/Arms/Abs/Cardio - 1 hr 22 min lighter weights/higher reps

9.24.09 - Elliptical 30 min, Boot Camp Class 1 hr

9.25.09 - Legs/Glutes/Back/Abs/Cardio - 1 hr

9.26.09 - Elliptical 10 min, Boot Camp Class 1 hr 5 min

9.27.09 - Rest Day

9.28.09 - 1 hr cardio (elliptical 40, stationary bike 20), Race walk 50 min.

9.29.09 - Boot Camp Class 1 hr, Treadmill Run 20 min, Elliptical 30 min.

9.30.09 - P90X Yoga 1h 22 min

10.1.09 - Back/Abs/Cardio 1 hr 19 min. Still to come: 1 hr Boot Camp class

One of the Boot Camp workouts from the past week:

Full Body Boot Camp for F.A.T - GP


Grapevine right – step touch

Skate 8

Repeat left

Skate 8

- Repeat sequence

Jumping jacks – 8 reps

Running man – 8 reps

Cross crawl – 8 reps each side

- Repeat

Prisoner squats – 8 reps

Lunges – right & left, 8 reps each


Ballistic stretching – (3 – 5 min.)

Body hugs

Reach up and back (toe up, heel up) – both legs

Shoulder circles

Arm circles – small, wide, forward, back

Circuit #1

Squats – 8 reps (fwd, prisoner, weights)

Pushups – 8 reps (wide, narrow,

diamond – kneeling or full)

Renegade Row 6 ea

Touch the sky - 12

Repeat 3X

Cardio Interval

High knees

Sumo squat jumps

Lateral hop tchdwn to weights

Jumping jacks

Repeat for 2 min. (water break)

Circuit #2

Sumo squat w/ weights – 8 reps

Walking lunge w/bicep curl

Reverse lunge w/lat raise

Plank hold – w/alt arm out


(water break)

Tabata: touchdown lunge w/bicycle crunch 20/10

Mountain climber 20, plank 10

(Water break)

Circuit #3 (benches)

Step up w/wts & leg raise 8 ea

KB Swings x 15

Chest press (slow 8, alt 16)

Pec fly 15

Floor Wipers x 20 ea;


Cardio Interval

Fast knee each side

Step up – tap 8

4 box jumps

Stradle jumps 4

Jumping jacks

Repeat (water break)

Circuit #4

Revolving Hydrant bkd, fwd, leg bent, leg ext – 8 ea

Donkey kick – 8

Pelvic Thrust 8 ea leg

Wide leg sit up 4 ea

Side plank – hold 15 – 20 each side


Inchworm across

Crab Walk back

Bear crawl across

Crab walk back


Side twist

Quad stretch

Hip stretch

Cobbler pose

Single leg hamstring

Double leg hamstring


Downward dog – walk feet in


Roll up

Arm/shoulder series