Saturday, January 2, 2010


Lots of snow, but I did get a couple of brave souls at Body Boot Camp this morning. Did a good, hard workout - in fact, according to my GWF after 1 hr 10 min I had burned 577 calories.

I also put in 10 minutes on the elliptical prior to the class. Afterward, I spent about 20 minutes shoveling snow. It was the light powdery kind, not a big deal.

My sleep improved last night - according to the GWF, I got 7 hours of sleep, most of it unbroken. I credit that to the vaporizer which made a huge difference in my ability to BREATH.

I made gluten-free chocolate chip cookies (Betty Crocker's new mix) yesterday. They contain a LOT of potato flour/starch, which made me very bloated and... gassy. :( I was allowing myself some junk because I hadn't eaten nearly enough calories to support all of my activity for the day. With this nasty cold, I haven't been able to really taste much of anything and chewing has been a pain in the neck (the whole breath/chew/breath/don't choke thing).

I'm hoping to get a nap in this afternoon!

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