Sunday, January 10, 2010

1.8 - 1.10.10

Time is passing in such a blur!

I know that on 1.8.10 I shoveled snow for about 35 minutes. I know I went to the gym for a cardio/back/shoulders workout and I think it lasted for about 80 minutes. All I know is that I met all the targets on the infernal GWF. I'm enslaved by it!

Saturday, 1.9.10 - Taught my Body Boot Camp class. It was a good tough one, 1 hr 15 minutes. Later in the evening I headed up to the gym for 40 minutes of cardio. My oldest daughter was there so we were able to chat a bit. We used to go to the gym together all the time, but now I usually watch her baby while she goes and instead my middle daughter comes with me.

Sunday, 1.10.10 - Went to the gym with Rhianna for cardio/legs/glutes/abs.

30 minutes elliptical mountain
5 minutes treadmill run

butt blaster 10/140 each leg
leg curl machine 12/105
leg extension machine 12/90
Repeat 3X

5 minute treadmill run

dumbbell squats 12/50
dumbbell deadlifts 8/50
sumo squat 15/25
medicine ball pass (abs) 10/10
Repeat 3X

10 minute treadmill run

weighted stability ball crunch 15
weighted stability ball oblique crunch 12 es
2 ct crunches 15
touch the sky 15/10


Total time: 80 minutes.

ABOUT SLEEP: The GWF has finally recognized a couple of good night's sleep. Thursday night it says I slept a nice solid 8 1/2 hours at around 80% efficiency. Last night it says I slept almost that much but at 87% efficiency. It's amazing what not having PMS and a horrible cold will do for your quality/quantity of sleep.

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