Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Went to the stadium for a track workout and the construction crews had completely destroyed the roadway. There was no hope of getting to the stadium. SO, we went to the cemetery and I marked off a quarter mile loop (but with hills/inclines) for our "track."

2 laps around track for warm up

Sprint 50 yds
Backwards 50 yds

Walking Lunges 15 up, 15 back
Squat - hold 30 - 40 sec
pushups 15
knee in crunch 20 each side

lap around track

Frankenstein walk up 50 yds
Chasse back

Burpees 5 - 10
High knees up
Grapevine back

spiderman climb 16
bench dips 15
plank hold 30 - 45 sec

Lap around track
Run bleachers one way, home side

Four laps to finish

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