Thursday, November 6, 2008


I knew I had a track workout planned for the day, but I couldn't resist the new elliptical and three new treadmills at the gym. So bright and early this morning....

6 minutes walk to gym
30 minutes Elliptical
18 minutes HIIT on the treadmill
6 minutes walk home


Later, I went out to the cemetery with my daughters for a 55 minute boot camp style track workout:

Warm-up 2 laps (.25 mile each)

Sprint 50 yds

Run backwards 50 yds


Prisoner Squats 20

Push ups 4 fast, 2 slow…Repeat
bicycle crunch 20 sets


One lap

Skip 50 yds

Frankenstein back


20 jumping jacks

Side lunge w/windmill arms 20

Reverse lunge 20

Crunch up with twist 16


One lap

Broad jump 10 reps
side arm balance hold 30 sec. each arm

Fire hydrant with kick 15 each leg

Boat pose - hold at least 30 sec.


Two laps


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