Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Sweat Fest

Did most of the cooking yesterday so that Jenna and I could go to the gym this morning. Rhianna & Poppop watched little Layla...and we went at it!

6 min walk to gym
15 min elliptical mountain setting
15 min bodyweight circuit:
8 side kicks, each leg
8 back kicks, each leg
24 prisoner squats
12 sets reverse lunges
15 pushups
8 sets spiderman climb
low plank, hold 30 seconds
side plank, hold 20 seconds each side
15 reverse crunches
20 toe-touch crunches
wall squat hold 30 seconds, repeat
1-leg wall squat hold 10 sec, switch, repeat
assisted pistol squat 8 each leg
20 min treadmill intervals: brisk walk 2 min, run 1 min. Every 3rd minute increase incline. At 15 minutes turn, incline to 12% and walk backwards for 5 minutes.
15 min bodyweight circuit REPEAT above
10 min recumbent bike
6 min walk home

Total time: 87 minutes

Bring on the Thanksgiving Feast!!!

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