Wednesday, December 2, 2009

11,28 - 12.1.09

11.28.09 - Wendy was able to come to my Body Boot Camp Class. The class was 1 hr 10 min long and I called it the "Pieblaster." I threw in the first taste of my "12 Days of Christmas" gift. Now we just have to work our way through singing and doing the whole thing. :)

1 Prisoner Squat
2 Reverse Lunges
3 Upright rows
4 Sumo squats
5 Siff squat calf raises
6 Triceps dips
7 Full pushups
8 Plank rows
9 Hydrants left
10 Hydrants right
11 Ultimate crunches
12 Touch the sky

11.29 - Sunday - was a day of rest. Sort of. I got no rest that day. Running, running all day, pillar to post.

11.30 - 1 hr 10 min cardio/weight circuits. Chest/arms/abs.

12.1 - 40 min at the gym in the am. 15 min. elliptical, 25 min back workout. In the evening, 1 hr 15 min Body Boot Camp. Here's what we did....

Warm Up
Arms overhead, breath in, step touch, shoulder circles, backstroke, jacks, running man, skate, cross crawl, leg warm up,
Prisoner squats, lunges

Circuit #1
Squats w/wts low, shoulder, up
Pushups (wide, narrow, diamond)
1 knee in crunches
Repeat 3X

Cardio Interval
Knee up double lunges
Spin squat

Circuit #2
Reaching squat
Lunge w/chest fly right
Lunge w/front raise left
Billy’s crunches

Tabata: touchdown lunge/pushups

Circuit #3
Sumo squat w/triceps ext
W-press with leg extension
Deadlift to upright row
Plank row
Ugly crunches

Cardio interval
Front kicks
Broad jump
Chug back

Spiderman climb
Commando crawl

Circuit #4 (benches)
Side & back lunges
Split squats
Elevated pushups
Side plank with shoulder adduction
Russian twist to boat

Cardio Interval (benches)
Jog up step/switch
Charleston switch
Box jump

Circuit #5 (mats)
Thigh adduction w/weight
Hydrant series
Low plank


Today (12.2) is meant to be cardio & yoga. I've got a sick child (flu) and I'm feeling groggy & sluggish so we'll see what I decide to do.

Meanwhile, I've been asked to add a fourth Body Boot Camp class which is exciting.

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