Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12.29.09 - Morning

Working with my GWF is still fun. According to it, I got more sleep last night (7 hrs) although I was lying down for 8 1/2. The lack of the full nights sleep was thanks to my husband's insomnia and getting up down up down throughout the night. At times it woke me.

Today I was determined to find out what GWF would accept as "vigorous" activity. I started out doing the mountain setting on the elliptical for 30 minutes after a 10 minute warm up. Only 3 minutes of that was accepted as vigorous. I then moved to the recumbent bike and the entire 20 minutes was vigorous. I then ran on the treadmill for 11 minutes (vigorous) and walked for 4 minutes (also vigorous). Total cardio time: 1 hr 15 minutes

This morning I received a response from Body Media's tech team on METS and it not recognizing the elliptical or Stairmaster as vigorous, even though my heart rate was way up there and I was drenched in sweat. The answer:

"I'm sorry about any issues you are having with the accuracy. Please note there are some short term activities that the armband cannot detect correctly. This includes riding a bike and the elliptical machine. We are working in the future to build this into the unit. However there is an option that will allow you to edit off body activities for things the armband cannot detect. To use this feature, you must have the armband off your body for at least a half hr. After this, you will notice the edit off body option appear on the website under the summary graph after you upload again.

Please try this as it will accommodate for the accuracy of the activities the armband cannot do."

Hmmmmm, for $249 plus shipping, that answer is rather annoying. At least it *did* recognize the bike. It annoys me that the elliptical isn't reckoning correctly - and what is the purpose of having to freaking add it? I could just be using a regular exercise logging program for this! I wanted ACCURACY. Pfffffft.

Boot camp class again tonight. I have some fun stuff planned (insert maniacal laugh here). :D

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