Friday, December 25, 2009


Yes, indeed, I got a workout in on Christmas day. :)

Total time, 1 hr:

20 min. Stairmaster

Front & back lat pulldowns 70/12 each
Seated cable row 12/125
Upright cable row 12/50
Repeat 3X dropping 5 lbs and adding 3 reps

5 min treadmill run

Prone row 12/55
Back extension 12/10
Lawnmowers 12/20 each side
Repeat 3X

5 min treadmill run

Inverted row 10
Delt fly 12/45
Repeat 3X

That was it. Had to squeeze it in while the turkey was roasting and the potato casserole was baking. I needed it thanks to the cheesecake last night. :)

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