Friday, December 4, 2009


The owner of the gym stocked the classroom with new stability balls for me to use. I simply had to use them yesterday.

Workout: 1 hr 20 min.

Warm Up
Step touch, add arms – cross, lat
4 knee repeater each side, 4 set skate, repeat; Jumping jacks, Front leg to back leg, repeat other side; 1 legged hops side to side, jump rope, step touch arm circles, 3 Vinyassas

Circuit #1
Squat series (16 ea: first set prisoner, 2nd Frankenstein, 3rd Y)
Plank ups 8
Rope climb abs 12
Repeat 3X

Cardio Interval – Broad jump, jack back, mountain climbers, repeat

Circuit #2
Walking lunges 12
Squat w/one leg lift & front raise, alt 8
Wide leg deadlifts 8
Bent over row 12
Wide legged or cross legged situps 8 ea side

Cardio Interval – Burpees, skate, repeat

Circuit #3 (Balls)
Stability ball curl & press 8
Stability ball chest press 8 slow, 8 alt sets
Stability ball pec fly (stretch on ball) 12
Stability ball bridge 8
Stability ball crunch 16

Cardio Interval – Stairs (4 floors - 8 flights -) twice

Circuit # 4 (Balls)
Stability ball pushup OR plank hold
Stability ball pullover (stretch on ball) 12
Stability ball outer thigh lift 8 each side
Stability ball hamstring curl 16
Stability ball pass abs 12
Stability ball prone cobra 8

Cardio Interval (benches)
Fast feet, straddle jacks, straddle kicks, repeat

Circuit #5 (benches)
Step up with side lift curl & fly 8 ea side
Rev lunge off step w/attitude lift 8 ea side
Triceps dips 12
Bench jackknife 12

Circuit #6 (mats)
Frog squats
Seated front facing leg raises
Low plank

Cooldown & Stretch
Side stretch, clasped hands behind, fingers in front facing body, seated pretzel twist each side, straddle stretch, runners stretch, pigeon stretch, hamstring stretch, downward dog, dangle, standing quad stretch, arm/shoulder stretches

They didn't mind that we really went over time. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the work out and felt very "worked out."

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