Saturday, December 26, 2009


Got my Gowear Fit (GWF) working! I figured I wouldn't use it until today, no sense recording all of that holiday damage. Got to have a free day sometimes - truly free.


18 min elliptical waiting for people to show for my class. Eventually they came - 10minutes late. I think everyone has the holiday sluggishness. Carb overload.

1 hr 10 min boot camp class

According to my GWF, which I set when I got on the elliptical, I burned 649 calories.

After chilling at home for a little bit, Rhianna and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and take a nice walk. According to the GWF I burned another 344 calories.

This thing could become very addictive. I've only logged 512 consumed calories today, so I think I'd better go eat!

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