Monday, December 28, 2009

12.28.09 - evening

Tonight's boot camp wasn't one of the harder ones. No mountain climbers. No lunge/pushup tabatas. No stair running. However, I still burned 493 calories at the one hour mark which was followed by some light mat work and the cooldown stretch. At that point the GWF said that I had burned 533 calories. Also, it counted 25 minutes of it towards "vigorous" and not just moderate. (That moderate business really annoys me when it's anything but).

I can't wait to check it out tomorrow when I plan on stair running, a mountain climber tabata and some more intense cardio intervals. Due to the bad weather (snow and slick roads), I had a very small class tonight. One of sick, the others were tired. Total time for the class was 1 hr 12 min.

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