Thursday, December 17, 2009

12.16 - 12.17.09

12.16 --- Never made it to the gym. The day was hectic from the start and never slowed down.

12.17.09 - 8 min elliptical. 1 hr 17 min body boot camp class. 30 minutes elliptical mountain setting w/Cheryl.

I'm getting something super special for Christmas. A Gowear Fit armband. It's just like Body Bugg. It's going to help me as I...gulp...prepare for my first figure competition in mid-April. There is so much to worry about and do in the four months between now and then. I'll probably do a lot of blogging about that. I'm going to have to lose some weight I've been comfortable carrying in order to get really cut the way I'll need to be. I want to compete in either Ms Fit Body or Figure. I'm expecting that to be VERY hard work, especially with my thyroid issues. That's where I hope the Gowear Fit Armband will come in.

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