Thursday, December 10, 2009

12.9 - 12.10.09


On 12.9 I made it to the gym at 4pm for a 55 minute cardio/back/arms workout. I was feeling tired and a bit run down. By the time Rhianna and I finished -- and we cut it short -- I was feeling like the wind was out of my sails.

At 9pm I went to bed. I was cold & couldn't get warm. Flannel pjs, a hoodie, three blankets, a dog. Still cold. Finally hubby came to bed. Still cold. Around 11pm, the stomach bug hit again and hit hard. Fortunately, I wasn't freezing anymore. That led to a night of up and down to the bathroom.

Woke up 12.10 still feeling weak - very weak - and needing to not be far from a bathroom. No appetite and a very real fear of puking up anything that I did get down. 11am came around and I forced myself to eat some brown rice hot cereal. It stayed down and I felt a bit better for it. Later in the day I managed a perfect pear.

At 6pm I had a boot camp class to lead. I had to make a plan that could be done without me actually DOING much of anything other than directing, yelling, demonstrating, timing, etc.

This is what I created - and I got some good feedback on it.

Warm Up
Step touch, ballistic hugs, arm circles, backstroke, cross arms, lat pulldown arms, skate w/row arms, cross crawl, jumping jacks, jumping rope - side to side, running man, prisoner squats, lunges, side squats, pushups, rocking heel-toe stretches

Circuit #1
Squats prisoner, front, Y
Ultimate crunches
Repeat 3X

Cardio Interval – broad jump fwd, chug back

Circuit #2 – timed pushups/situps

Circuit #3 (tubing)
Partner sgl arm rows w/one band
Partner row rotation
Partner delt flys
Partner mid back rows
Turn- partner chest press
Repeat 2X

Cardio Interval - Stairs

Circuit #4 ( med balls)
Waist pass
Woodchop pass
Lunge w/pass
Russian twist pass
Med ball ab pass
Repeat 2X

Circuit # 4 STATIONS – 1 min each
Station 1 – Side lunge off bench
Station 2 – ladder drill
Station 3 – stability ball body bar rowing
Station 4 – box jumps w/elevated pushups
Station 5 – Triceps dips

Circuit #5 (mats)
Weighted adduction/abduction
Hydrant series
Low plank

Cooldown & Stretch --- aaahhh!

1 hr 10 minutes. I was able to a do a little bit here and there. Did the warm up, did the first circuit and the last, some of the stations while demoing.

Unless something miraculous happens and I have a swift recovery, I am taking it easy tomorrow and resting (in as much as it is possible with all the running around I must do).

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