Sunday, December 6, 2009

12.4 - 12.5.09

Friday ended up being a rest day - I woke up with a bad cold and decided I had better take care of myself. Of course, I never did get to just curl up on the sofa and do absolutely nothing. I *did* get to visit with a friend for 2 hours over a cup of herb tea and that was very relaxing.

Saturday - 10 minutes elliptical, 1 hr 15 min Boot Camp Class. The class was really small - even though many had signed up, it appeared that the cold had gotten them, too.

Here's the workout plan I prepared. I'm going to use it again on Tuesday since there are different people signed up.

Warm Up
Step touch, ballistic hugs, arm circles, backstroke, cross arms, grapevine, lat pulldown arms, skate w/row arms, cross crawl, jumping jacks, prisoner squats, lunges, 3 vinyassas

Circuit #1
Squats wts, low, shoulder, high
Bicycle crunches
Repeat 3X

Cardio Interval – big step mambo each leg, jacks

Circuit #2
Single leg squats ea side
Single leg deadlifts ea side
Reverse lunges
Sumo squat w/triceps ext
Crunchy frog
Repeat 3X

Tabata: Mountain climbers 20; plank 10 Repeat 4x

Circuit #3 (balls)
Upright row
Lean-back bicep curl
Decline pushups
Ball jackknife
Repeat 2X

Cardio Interval – (benches)
Travel the bench, up and over
4X around, bench lunges, repeat

Circuit #4 (benches)
Split squat w/lat raise right
Split squat w/front raise left
Sgl arm dumbbell row ea side
Fingers to heel touches
Bench hip raises

Tabata: Squat & hold, 20/1


Circuit #5 (mats)
Hydrant series
Side plank
Low plank w/arm extended

12 Days of Christmas
1 Prisoner Squat
2 Reverse Lunges
3 Upright rows
4 Sumo squats
5 Siff squat calf raises
6 Triceps dips
7 Full pushups
8 Plank rows
9 Hydrants left
10 Hydrants right
11 Ultimate crunches
12 Touch the sky

Cooldown & stretch
Floor series

I'm typing this on Sunday morning -home sick. The cold hit HARD. Maybe even the flu, who knows. One of my daughters had a fever most of the week, the other spent yesterday evening puking. Everyone is coughing and sniffling today.

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