Saturday, December 19, 2009


Some snow and slick roads this morning made the gym very empty. There were only three at my boot camp class - a fourth got there too late. Still, we had a good workout. I had meant to get there early to meet my friend for a treadmill run but when I arrived later than planned, she was just arriving, too. She lives just 1/4 mile away from me and had slipped & slidded the short distance. Not a good morning to be up and out early.

Anyhow - we had a great workout. I got in 10 min on the elliptical and then 1 hr 10min boot camp class.

I still want to go back to the gym and get at least 20 minutes of running in. We want to do the New Year's Eve 5K and I really need to work on my speed.
It won't be fast, that's for sure.

My Gowear Fit will be here on Monday. I'll be able to try it out at Monday's class to see how it works.

** 30 min elliptical watching "Slings & Arrows."

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